Friday, November 4, 2016

One Woman's Thoughts on the Election, America, and What it all Means to Me

With the presidential election just days away, I have been thinking a lot about what it all means. This has been an emotionally charged time, not just for myself but for most of America is seems.  I have found myself getting angry, worked up, and stressed.  I feel like the stakes are high, much higher than they have ever been in my lifetime.  I remember watching in college as the polls closed and Bush beat Gore and we were upset.  But it wasn't the fear, anxiety, and hatred of this election season.  I am terrified: Terrified for people at polls who might bring guns;  Terrified for people who might riot and incite violence when Trump doesn't win; Terrified of what has been brought out in many Americans that will take years to fix, if it can even be fixed.

I am an opinionated woman and maybe a bit more judgmental than I would prefer to be.  I know what I like and I know who I like and I don't need a lot of time to figure that out.  Maybe I have been too judgmental this election, maybe I have lost or damaged friendships, maybe I just don't care?  I don't mind having friends with differing opinions and view points.  I love a healthy debate or disagreement and I think it helps us all to be more intellectual to do so.  But, as I look at this election and I look at the many Americans who support Trump, I find myself thinking I could never be friends with people like that, people with the same values as that God awful man.

The thing that continues to baffle me the most is the hypocrisy of Trump supporters and their unwillingness to actually read facts.  Take for example, the facts that Trump has made fun of women, the disabled, veterans, minorities, etc and yet he is "just kidding" or "he is saying what's on his mind".  Hillary says ONE negative thing about half of Trump supporters (the KKK, neo-nazi's etc) and she is persecuted for it.  HYPOCRITES.  Quite frankly, if you believe and support the KKK, then I think you are a deplorable human being and I wish bad things for you.  Let's talk about facts - Trump has bankrupt at least 6 of his businesses, not to mention the failure of Trump Steak, Trump airlines and the FRAUDULENT Trump U.  But all I hear from Trump supporters is that he is a great business man.  Seriously?  If you believe that, you need to go back to school because you obviously don't understand business.  FACT - Trump has said nasty and derogatory things about women his whole life.  Millions of girls have heard this and it is having an effect on their self-esteem.  As a women and mother or a girl, I can't understand how any women or mother with girls can write this off as funny, or "locker room talk".  And, I wonder how many of you would be screaming sexual harassment if someone at your work did or said things like this to you?  I wonder how many of you would be calling for the impeachment of Obama if even one woman said he looked at her funny?  HYPOCRITES.  How about Trump's (and his supporters) remarks on "using their second amendment rights?  He should be jailed for that, it is a threat of violence against a Presidential nominee.  I bet that if Hillary indicated any sort of violence against Trump, you would be calling for her hanging.  HYPOCRITES.

It is true, there is a lot at stake this election.  I think the biggest thing at stake is who we are and who we want to be.  Who am I?  Who do I want to be?  Most importantly, what do I want my children to be?  I want my children to know that everyone is different and that we should celebrate people for their differences rather than bully and demean them.  I want my children to stand up for what they believe in without fear of persecution.  I want my children to accept everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or disability.  I want my daughter to respect herself, to dress however she feels comfortable, and to always be comfortable in her own skin.  Beauty fades, weight fluctuates, but intelligence, humor, self-respect, kindness - those things always prevail.  I want my daughter to know it is ok (and even encouraged) to speak out against anyone who assaults her in anyway - physical or verbal.  I don't want her to ever feel uncomfortable with how she dresses or acts.  I want my son to stand up for his sister and all women.  I want my son to respect women, to not treat them as objects, but as human beings no different than himself.   I want my children to obtain facts, to research issues, before making up their minds on something.  I want my children to live without fear of being hurt for expressing their opinions.  

Those are the things I want, those are the things I am. 

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