Thursday, September 4, 2014

3 Years Young

Dear Ava,

3 years ago at 2:14pm you finally decided to grace us with your presence (a week late!). 

 You continue to amaze me everyday.  I recently read through the baby book my mom (your grandma) made for me and she would write notes weekly (or monthly) and it blew my mind because they could have been about you!  You are so sweet and loving, but on your terms.  You are extremely independent - from putting your own clothes on to wanting to pour your own drinks - but I hope you learn as you grow that it is ok to ask for help instead of getting frustrated and throwing a tantrum.  I cannot stress this enough (and if you can read please focus here for a minute) PLEASE STOP WITH THE TANTRUMS!  All in all, you are a very sweet, well behaved little girl.  

You are so so smart it scares me.  You have such an incredible imagination and I love to listen to you tell stories!  I hope you continue to love to read, draw, build, and learn anything and everything.  I know you can be anything you want to be.  I hope you continue to know that so many people love you so much and sometimes family isn't about who you are related to but about who loves you and is there for you.  It amazes me everyday to watch you grow.  You pick up on everything around you and make it your own!  I love not knowing what you will say or do and watching how animated you are when you are talking.

 You were our little miracle and yet I am the one who feels blessed everyday that I get to be your mom.  I am so lucky and my world is so much better and brighter with you in it.  Happy birthday

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